Certainty vs. Doubts


What runs through our minds conforms our thoughts. Our thoughts can eat us alive if we let them. Tear the deepest, darkest innocence of our well being. The surface does not appear to what we make it. Passive aggressiveness wins this battle of man vs.self. Why do we choose to put up a front? Is it because we want to appear to be someone else we are not? Because if so, why would we need to be four different people?
These thought,s the ones that run through my head, deal with people and interaction. I see it everyday. We can almost see what battle a person is going through if we choose to. If we want to ignore, we can. But, I Certainty vs. Doubts want to know. I want to know what a person deals with, how he deals with it, and how he chooses to overcome if he sets forth action.
I want to help inspire, motivate, understand these self battles and self doubt. Having a support system for what really matters is my passion. Be open to the possibilities & hearts of others. Touch someones heart today. Make it count and don’t even try to hold back.

Make positivity spread like wildfire into an area where your sunshine not only shines on you, but is feeding others.


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