living: a particular manner, state, or status of life: luxurious living.

to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all.what is living?¬†what is truly living to ones infinite potential. we. we hear all things everyday. our news feed. our. daily minds reading the garbage that fulfills it or attacks the wasteland. our choice. your choice to see the way others […]

Certainty vs. Doubts

  What runs through our minds conforms our thoughts. Our thoughts can eat us alive if we let them. Tear the deepest, darkest innocence of our well being. The surface does not appear to what we make it. Passive aggressiveness wins this battle of man vs.self. Why do we choose to put up a front? […]

Sink Glory Days

You know those people. The ones who live in the past. The glory day football player who still lives in his hometown. Who just cant seem to understand that today is a blessing. And in order for things to change, they have to change… time and time again. It’s hard to see for me sometimes, […]